Elizabeth Magill's portrait of Roger Casement. (c) Elizabeth Magill.

'Elizabeth Magill's portrait of Roger Casement features in 'High Treason: Roger Casement', at the Hugh Lane, from 10 March to 2 October 2016.

Alternative 1916

In July 2016 the Conference of Irish Historians in Britain meets to discuss the theme of 'Irish Revolutions'. To mark the centenary of the 1916 Rising, we have asked friends and colleagues to contribute to a series of squibs on the ideas, events and legacy of that year. After Easter the posts will turn to the Somme and wider transformations of the First World War. Our aim is to bring insights from recent research to the public commemoration of 1916, and we have encouraged our contributors to be as provocative and as opinionated as they like.

The names that stilled her childish play: the women of 1916 and the women of ‘98

The Easter Rising and India

“‘an extraordinary secretary bird’: writing, history and Roger Casement’

Revisionism Revised – by Revisionists

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